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Years of experience in branded content creation makes Abstra an expert in reaching multiple target groups on YouTube. Abstra offers its Partners a wide variety of commercial partnership possibilities.

Cooperation options

Knowledge of Youtube environment

Advertising formats

Production of each of our YouTube advertising formats is based on the knowledge of the mechanisms and uniqueness of this platform’s environment. By doing so, we guarantee the highest possible target group reach while keeping the best possible product and service presentation neutrality level.

Consultations at every stage

Monitoring the progress

During all stages of project realization, the Partner is continuously being updated by the Branded Content team on the project’s progress. Regardless of the project’s stage, the Partner has the right to consult Abstra about every aspect of the material realization and the product’s presence in it


We can work on various formats as:


Dedicated episode

Episode published on one of Abstra’s channels in which the product is not only showcased but also plays an important role, key to the script of that production. In that type of partnership, the episode will relate to the campaign of that very product or it’s values.

The dedicated episode’s script can fully relate to the distinctive attributes or values of the promoted product. The creators can also be inspired by the characters who often take part in the channel’s episodes. The episode can as well show how the promoted product works.



DLA PIENIĘDZY – Ile zarabiają twórcy gier wideo

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Product placement

Placement of the product in one of the episodes on the channel. In that case the brand appears without a broader context. In accordance with the Partner, we select the scene and the situation in which the product is shown, but without the key importance to the script of the episode.

The product placement can be shown in a classic way (the promoted brand is included somewhere in the background. The product can be also used as inspiration for the episode’s script.




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Partnership with an existing channel

Dedicated list of assets for a period of 2 to 6 months, including dedicated episodes, product placements, brand activations for subscribers and a note informing about the Partnership in every episode.



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Dedicated brand YouTube channels

The most complex form of cooperating with Abstra. Building an entire channel in cooperation with the Partner. This form of partnership requires a long-term approach, lasting at least 6 months. This is the ultimate way to showcase the brand values and to reach the actual and potential target group.

Jak TO Robić?
"Jak TO Robić" is the only YouTube channel in Poland which blends educational content about sex with entertainment. The channel not only positions Durex in innovative and creative approach as an educational expert for “Generation Z”. It as well promotes the Durex products in an inoffensive way. With 17 M views and over 170k subscribers “Jak TO Robić?” is the biggest brand’s YouTube channel in Poland and as well the largest educational channel about sexuality.
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Gra w Życie
Cutting-edge YouTube channel created for the Żabka Polska franchise, in which the characters face various, unusual challenges. Thanks to dynamic form, which relates to video games, the Żabka Polska franchise products are advertised in innovative and effective way. Write to us

Video advertisement campaigns

Production of an ad format directly to the Partner, relating to the Partner’s campaign with the use of one (or more) of Abstra’s influencers. Write to us

Social media

Influencer campaigns

Utilizing the social media channels of Abstra’s creator/s to promote a certain product according to the specifics of the given profile and content that is present on it. Currently, Abstra’s creators are present on the following Social Media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and TikTok

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Consumer activations

Preparation of short-term activation by Abstra in consultation with the Partner, aimed at informing consumers about a given product or motivating them to become interested in the Partner's offer.

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Preparation of dedicated video material using product placement, which will be posted on one of the creator's social channels.

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Production of video content

Production of content for the Partner on SVOD platforms

Although Abstra specializes in creating content on YouTube, it has already gained experience in production for other video platforms. During spring of 2018, the Prosto w Szczenę program was produced in cooperation with - the only format of its kind, dedicated to conversations with the biggest football stars in Poland and abroad, hosted by Juventus F.C goalkeeper Wojtek Szczęsny and journalist Łukasz Wiśniowski.

Prosto w Szczenę

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Production of advertising spots for Social Media platforms

Abstra also has experience in producing spots realized entirely for Partners on their Social Media channels or the brand's ambassadors cooperating with them.

Spot telewizyjny Scrabble

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Utilizing creator’s images

Utilizing creator’s images

In consultation with the Partner, the image of Abstra creators can be used in the following ways:

– Using the image in an advertising campaign
– Event participation
– Conducting trainings / workshops
– Conducting a channel audit

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